Sunday, March 31, 2019


Hey guys cab you believe it's the end of March?!?!? Like dam. This month was stressful but wonderful because spring finally came through. The sun is out later and the weather feels warmer. I don't have that many favorites because so far everything has been good. So here are a few of my favs!

S K I N C A R E:
So because I got rid of my makeup remover wipes from TJ I needed something that would still give me that extra cleanse. What I loved most about the wipes was the micellular water that was in them. It helps my skin a lot and cleanse it even further. So I had to find some replacements!

          I've seen this brand many times and who I was younger I tried some stuff but didn't feel the need to repurchase, until now. What I love about this brand is that it's cruelty free and sustainably plant based. They also contain no parabens. So this range I picked up was in the hydration set. I needed something that was going to give me the extra hydration until the summer weather hit so I decided to try this range. I found them at Ulta and Target. Ulta however has specials all the time, so I got them from a buy one get one 40% off but Ulta isn't everywhere like Target so I linked everything to the Target Botanics website.
  • So for cleanser, I love my Yes to Cucumber Milk Cleanser but I wanted something different because my skin needs an extra oomf. I decided to try Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser. What I like about this cleanser is the key ingredient that gives you a (like it says) hydration burst. It comes out as a gel and once you use water it turns into a white milky consistency. I mostly use it at night to lock in more hydration,
  • The next new fav is Botanics Micellar Facial Cleanser. So as I mentioned I got rid of my makeup wipes in an effort to reduce waste. I noticed my skin lacked that special ingredient that was in the wipes Micellar water. What I love about micellar water is that in takes excess dirt, oil, and makeup without damaging your skin. I use it after I cleanse my face; I apply some to my reusable cotton pads and wipe it over my face. I don't rinse and let it dry out then I continue and spray my face with my Trader Joes rose water toner and proceed with moisturizer/facial oil.
  • In the day time I have to same routine basically however, I switch up my moisturizer and facial cleanser as you'll soon learn hehe. So after learning an alarming fact about Mario Badescu and how they use steroids in their facial creams I stopped using it. So I had to find a new cruelty free face cream that didn't break the bank and I found one. Botanics Hydration Burst Hydrating Day Cream has been an absolute dream. The same amount as the glossier riche moisturizer but more than half the price. The facial cream is hydrating and calming, it goes on smoothly and also smoothes and primes you face perfectly for makeup. 

  • So if you've followed me for a while you know that I LOVE Niu Body for a long time now. When they revealed their gel cleanser at a Beauty convention I REJOICED. I love gel cleansers because of how high and effective they worked on my skin. So as soon as they announced it I grabbed one and let me tell for life. Their purify aloe + amino acid gel cleanser has helped my skin so much since the first day I used it. The gel is dispersed but turns into a silky foam when you rub it into your skin. I have some blackheads on my nose that pop out once and a while and I try to avoid facial scrubs as much as I can, and thanks to this cleanser I've been keeping up with that goal. My skin feel so soft after using it and the smell is so nice and energizing in the morning. I like to only use this in the morning because I want it to last longer but, I also want a deep cleaning cleanser after I wake up because your skin still goes through a lot when you sleep. Aloe Vera has amazing moisturizing benefits, so you can apply it on your sunburns or as a hair mask, and this definitely helps with my hydration problems. Amino Acids help with aging/damage skin. Green tea is not only good to drink but it's good for you skin. Whether in your tummy or in a skincare care products it's meant to purify your skin and I notice it a lot with my skin. The cucumber reduces puffiness as if you were in a spa with cucumber slices on your eyes. This is not sponsored this is literally what I love and believe in. This cleanser honestly has changed my skin and I tried this after I tried the botanics skincare line , my skin feels more even and honestly glows a lot more. I have some hormornal acne on my chin that has gone down a lot more after using this cleanser. This morning I looked at my skin and said wow...I don't really need make up today, but I had to go interview people so I did anyways. Seriously this is worth the money and its cruelty free and natural. 

Like I said guys I don't have much to share with this favorites because I've been sticking to what I know is best. However these products are staying for the long haul. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this it means the world to me. Remember if you ever use any of these products use #AllisonMadeMeDoIt because its fun to see if people love what I love! Thank you again and until next time  À bientôt!

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